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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man Faces Charges From Firing Airsoft Gun

Bellevue police say they are recommending a charge of drive-by shooting assault be filed against a 19-year-old camera salesman suspected of firing shots - with what turned out to be an airosft gun - at a group of day laborers in front of a Home Depot on Sunday afternoon.

Police Spokeswoman Carla Iafrate said the department is not recommending a charge of malicious harassment, the state's term for a hate crime.

Police were called to the Home Depot on 120th Avenue Northeast around 1.p.m. Sunday after a report of shots fired by a man wearing a red T-shirt and driving a green Ford Explorer, according to the police report. No one was hit, but the laborers said they were afraid, police said.

An officer interviewed employees at a nearby Best Buy who identified the driver as a camera vendor who had worked in the store earlier in the day.

Prosecutors have until yesterday to file charges against the man, who is being held on $200,000 bail in the King County Jail for investigation of first-degree assault.

Person Carrying Airsoft Gun Causes School Lockdown

A suspicious person who caused a school lockdown Friday at the Academy Hill School was evaluated Tuesday and discovered to have stop his prescribed medication for several months, said Police Chief Dennis Brown Selectmen.The school was put on lockdown while officers of the region. When school was cleared and officers have started to move from door to door to residences in the area until they found the suspect, according to a press release.

It was later found out that that the weapon cwas actually a facsimile type airsoft gun that can shoot small balls of plastic.

The school was reopened after officers clarified the situation. The case will be presented to the Payne County District Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether charges will be filed, after police conclude their investigation.